The Silver Bullet for Diabetes Prevention

November 14th was World Diabetes Day, celebrated in over 160 countries around the world. It’s most certainly a global problem, but diabetes has plenty of local presence, too: over 900 000 people have been diagnosed in Ontario alone. Diabetes affects our ability to get sugar from the blood into the cells where it’s needed to… Continue reading →

Recipe: Black Bean and Mango Salad

This recipe comes from the unlikely source of the label on a can of Unico black beans. Like Jackie’s Bean Salad, this one is surprisingly delicious considering how good it is for you. 🙂 It’s also fast – you can make enough for a week’s lunches in about 5 minutes! -Tara Ingredients 1 can (540mL/19… Continue reading →

Recipe: Pan Roasted Seeds

These seeds are simple, delicious and great source of protein, vitamin E, zinc, copper, magnesium and lots of other good stuff. Perfect for having on hand to add to any salad, a stir fry or rice and rice dishes. Because they’re peanut-free, they also make an excellent snack for school lunches for kids. Total time:… Continue reading →

Detoxification: Why it Works and How to Do It

Hi all, This is an article we wrote for the Fall 2008 issue of Body Magazine – I thought you might find it interesting! -Tara Feeling Better Through Detoxification Inside this complex organism we call “you”, a remarkable set of organs and processes works vigilantly to deal with unwanted and unneeded substances that find their… Continue reading →

Recipe: Dr. Steve’s Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast shakes are an easy (and tasty) way to get a full complement of fruits and vegetables into your diet. Because the sweet flavour of the fruits is so strong, you can add vegetables and still get a great, rich taste. It makes smoothies a particularly good option for people who aren’t enthusiastic vegetable eaters…. Continue reading →

Please Join Us For Our Grand Opening!

Mark Your Calendars! We’d be honoured if you could join us for the official Grand Opening of our new clinic this Friday. Date: Friday, June 20th Time: Drop in anytime from 3-7PM Location: StoneTree Clinic 115 Hurontario Street Suite 200 Collingwood, ON (705)444-5331 Stop by anytime between 3-7PM for: office tours, including our new colon… Continue reading →

Colon Hydrotherapy Comes to Collingwood

It’s finally here! We’re pleased to announce we’re now offering colon hydrotherapy treatments in our Collingwood naturopathic office. We’re now booking appointments for new and existing patients in our modern hydrotherapy suite. Colon hydrotherapy (also called colonics, or colon irrigation) is a painless, safe and effective method of removing dried fecal matter and restoring the… Continue reading →

Success Stories: IV Therapy

This letter arrived recently from one of our clinic patients. As a naturopath, I think these are some of the best moments. Thanks B for the kind words, and for finding such great health! -Tara I write you today in appreciation and acknowledgment for your warm reception, constant care and outlook for my health and… Continue reading →

Success Stories: Children’s Health

This 11 year old patient recently prepared a speech for school about his experience at our office, and how he was able to improve his focus, mood and body. Way to go! We’re all very proud of you – thanks for letting us share your story. -Tara Dear Ms. M. & Fellow Students: My life… Continue reading →

Travel and International Volunteering: Tara Speaking in Craigleith

Tara will be speaking to the Craigleith Probus Club on Mar 25, 2008, where she’ll share images and stories from her naturopathic health care mission to Paraguay, SA. Tara will also be discussing the opportunities for travel that volunteering provides, and offering advice for those interested in international work and travel. You can learn more… Continue reading →