This Friday: Dr. Walter Crinnion at the Gayety In Collingwood

Hi All,

A quick note about our upcoming environmental medicine event – tickets are selling quickly, and we want to make sure that you can get yours if you’re interested!

On Friday, May 13th at 7PM, we’re bringing naturopath and environmental medicine expert and Dr. Walter Crinnion to the Gayety Theatre in Collingwood to share his expertise.

Author of Clean, Green and Lean, Dr. Crinnion has been practicing environmental medicine for nearly 30 years. He is a beloved teacher, an international speaker and has a love and passion for understanding the health effects of everyday toxins that is infectious.

If you want to understand the connection between chemicals and cancer and other chronic diseases, this is a must-see event.

Tickets are available at the door, but about two-thirds of the seats are sold. You can get yours in advance at the clinic, or on-line.

Looking forward to seeing you there!