10,000 Patients!!

Once upon a time… I rented a small room in a chiropractic office here in Collingwood to start what would become StoneTree Clinic. At the time, I had a new baby, no team, and a grand total of zero patients.  That was 21 years ago. Last week, our team of 12 celebrated a milestone. Since… Continue reading →

The Most Powerful Treatment for Depression?

It’s Mental Health Week in Canada, and going for a “stupid walk” for our “stupid mental health” is a funny meme making the rounds.  But there’s a powerful reason people are taking those stupid walks: Those who exercise regularly are far less likely to experience depression. This is true for ALL ages and genders.   New… Continue reading →

Will Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) Work for You?

Your thyroid gland is a big deal. It acts on almost every cell in your body. And when it isn’t working properly, you tend to notice. Just look at the symptoms of low thyroid: Exhaustion, weakness, and fatigue Sensitivity to cold and reduced sweating Shortness of breath when exercising Slight to moderate weight gain Problems… Continue reading →

Seasonal Allergies and Your Indoor Air Quality

When your immune system sees ordinarily harmless things like pollen and mold as harmful invaders, things can get a bit crazy.  First, your immune system produces antibodies in response to the perceived threat. That process causes immune cells in your body to produce histamine, an inflammatory chemical that helps eliminate the invader.   Unfortunately, the “help” doesn’t… Continue reading →

5 Health Imbalances that Might Be Disrupting Your Sleep

It’s World Sleep Day! (And St. Patrick’s Day. Green Sleep Day?) If you woke up feeling less rested than you would have liked today, here are a few of the biological factors that might be playing a role. 1. Sex hormones. As we discussed earlier in this month, menopause and its related hormone imbalances can… Continue reading →

Menopause: Suffer No More!

Last month, the New York Times published an article titled, “Women Have Been Misled about Menopause”.  You’ll likely find the article behind a paywall, but this great little video by Dr. Mary Claire Haver, MD, offers up a good summary: Women are suffering needlessly Healthcare providers are misdiagnosing and/or mistreating menopausal symptoms One of the… Continue reading →

Two Foundational Supplements for Heart Health

#1: Vitamin K2 Vitamin K is one of those vitamins that most of us only know about from reading food labels. It’s actually found in two forms in your diet. Form K1 is found in green leafy veggies, and K2 is found in fermented foods.   K2 is becoming more recognized as a valuable supplement.   A… Continue reading →

To Drink or Not to Drink?

Many happy wine-drinking Canadians woke up last month to find their world a little rocked by the release of new guidelines for alcohol consumption. Conventional wisdom for years has been that drinking was fine up to a point—15 drinks a week for men, 10 for women. There was even some thought that daily drinking—particularly wine—had… Continue reading →

Exercise Snacks: Two Minutes to Better Health?

Sitting too much has been linked to almost every chronic health issue, both physical and mental. According to one 2019 study, any period of sitting for longer than 30 minutes increases the risk of death. That’s pretty heavy, but here’s the good news: replacing that 30 minutes of sitting with 30 minutes of any kind of… Continue reading →

Do Artificial Sweeteners Lead to Weight Gain?

Note: It’s habit change season! Last year, we did an entire five-post series on creating change in the New Year. If you’ve got a resolution you’re trying to keep, those short posts contain all our wisdom about habits and sustainable change. Many of you will be kicking off the New Year looking to make diet… Continue reading →