Feed Your Mind

As naturopathic doctors, we love food. For us, food is medicine. It’s a tool to make your body stronger, more resilient. Food, it turns out, helps you feel better.  Of course, that’s more true of some foods than others. Whole foods beat highly processed ones. Home cooking beats restaurants. Vegetables beat sugar. In short, a… Continue reading →


What a week! We’ve spent the last few days preparing the clinic and doing trial runs in the IV suite and doctor’s offices. After a successful “soft open”, we’re thrilled to let you know that we’re back! Ready for your appointment? Call 705-444-5331 or book online. You’ll notice a number of changes to ensure you have… Continue reading →

The Hormone-Food Connection [Tonight!]

Our Wednesday Wellness Webinars continue! The response has been amazing so far–thanks to everyone who has joined us. TODAY’S webinar is our fourth, where we’ll be focusing on how the food you eat directly affects your hormones.  Register: The Link Between the Food You Eat & Your Hormones (7:30 PM Eastern) We’ll also be making all… Continue reading →

Home with Hormones? More Wednesday Webinars!

Wow! Thanks to everyone who registered and participated in our first two Wednesday Webinars. We had so many people signup that we’ve had to expand our virtual Zoom room! TODAY’S webinar is Hormone Bootcamp: What Every Woman Deserves to Know about Her Menstrual Cycle (7:30 PM Eastern) If you’re already signed up, note that the… Continue reading →

Stay Home & Healthy with our Wednesday Webinars

Join the ND’s of StoneTree Naturopathic Clinic for weekly discussions on how to stay healthy and feel your best during these challenging times. All webinars will start at 7:30 pm on Wednesdays: April 8: Managing Anxiety and Stress Resiliency Strategies for Uncertain Times April 15: Maintaining Healthy Immunity through Lifestyle and Nutrition (for adults &… Continue reading →


UPDATED JUNE 8, 2020 Great news! The clinic has now re-opened to in-person visits. Call 705-444-5331 or book online. You’ll notice a number of changes to ensure you have a safe and comfortable visit, but here are the most important: Do not come to the clinic if you have cold or flu symptoms. Instead, please book a… Continue reading →

How To Support the 4 Parts of Your Immune System

The immune system is a wonderful, complicated thing. It keeps us safe from infection, helps deal with toxins, cleans up aberrant cells that could lead to cancer, and helps us heal. Not surprisingly, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions in the past week or two about how to strengthen and maintain this bodily wonder…. Continue reading →

The 4 Pillars of Female Health [EVENT]

International Women’s Day is just around the corner! As women, the doctors at StoneTree understand the overwhelm women feel. We all juggle many roles and commitments, and it often comes at an expense to our health.  While we strive for balance and know that self-care is important, how can we support our health from the inside… Continue reading →

Sex Drive: How to “Feel the Love” More Often

This is a common reason for visits to the clinic, but not one that people find easy to talk about. Part of our job is to make the conversation easier by helping patients understand that there are a lot of potential reasons for low libido.  For men, the most common issues are:  Low testosterone Prescription medicines… Continue reading →

How to Get More of the “Love Hormone”

Oxytocin is both a hormone and a neurotransmitter, best known for its role in childbirth where it causes the uterus to contract in labour and promotes the movement of milk for breastfeeding. But oxytocin’s role goes much further, and across genders. It also works in our nervous system to play an important role in bonding… Continue reading →