Anti Aging

We can prevent, and even undo, years of damage to your skin.

What is anti-aging and facial rejuvenation?

If you’ve ever wanted to slow or reverse the signs of aging on your face and body, but have been hesitant about treatments like Botox, laser or cosmetic surgery, our anti-aging protocol is a safe and effective alternative to conventional treatment.

Start your anti-aging treatments today.

It’s prescribed and monitored by a licensed naturopathic doctor, and can help undo years damage caused by time, sun, stress and environmental toxins.

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What results can I expect?

How long will it take to see a difference?

You’ll likely notice some immediate difference, depending on your skin, age and overall health. Each area, from sagging and wrinkles to colour and pores, will improve at a different rate over the course of your treatment.

Our protocol targets a number of different “problem” areas, and is designed to:

  • Improve collagen production and muscle tone
  • Reduce bags and sagging tendencies, and fill out sunken areas
  • Eliminate fine lines and diminish larger wrinkles
  • Reduce double chin, sagging neck and lift drooping mouth and eyelids
  • Eliminate edema puffiness, and bags under the eyes
  • Tighten pores and brighten eyes
  • Increase local blood and lymph circulation
  • Improve facial colour and provide more radiance to the skin
  • Reduces stress, promote health and well being

Book your complimentary 15-minute consultation to learn more!

How does the protocol work?

Your naturopathic doctor will begin by doing a complete health and dermatological assessment to decide on the best protocol for you which can include:

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Also known as natural Botox, or acupuncture face lift, this cutting edge technique uses tiny, painless acupuncture needles to improve muscle tone and dermal contraction of the face to decrease sagging and jowls.

Unlike Botox, which deadens the face, facial acupuncture stimulates blood and energy flow to the face. Improves muscle tone, reduces visible stress, and tightens your pores. It also increases collagen production to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, tightens pores, and reduces puffiness and bags under the eyes by increasing local circulation.

IV Vitamin/Antioxidant Therapy

Highly effective absorption of vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamin C and glutathione to slow the aging process, protect and nourish your cells on the deepest level. Boosts energy and your immune system too!


Reduce the signs of aging and maintain supple glowing skin. Avoid the drug store wrinkle creams that often contain harsh substances such as alcohol, fragrances, preservatives and other chemicals.

You can book a free skin consultation by contacting the clinic at 705-444-5331 or [email protected]. You can also download the details in PDF here.