Refer Friends, Family & Colleagues

First things first: Thank you for your trust.

Your referrals mean a great deal to us – more than you might imagine. Each referral not only means that we’ve helped someone, but that we get to do it again. And that’s a great feeling – it’s what drew us to become health care professionals in the first place.

We happily and gratefully accept new patients. In fact, we leave special times open for them so that we can see them at their convenience, as soon as possible. New patients can contact our office at 705-444-5331, or email us at [email protected].

Here’s the important part: We promise to treat your friends and family with the same dignity, service and dedication to health that we give to everyone in our clinic. That’s a promise we take very seriously.

In gratitude and good health,

Tara Gignac, ND
Founder and Clinic Director, StoneTree Naturopathic
Collingwood, ON