Nutritional Coaching

Make a nutrition plan with our licensed holistic nutritionists.

At StoneTree we believe that you truly are what you eat.

Nutrition is one of the fundamental tools in the naturopathic tool kit, and it’s not uncommon for your naturopathic doctor to suggest changes to your diet.

The tricky part is that eating habits are some of the most challenging to shift. 

Food is part of our social life and our body chemistry, and it’s not easy to change a lifetime of behaviour.

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Make difficult lifestyle changes easier with support from a licensed naturoapthic doctor.

Whether you’re trying to deal with a food intolerance, reduce your cholesterol, lose weight, or heal any of a myriad number of health problems using nutrition, we can help.

Once your ND has prescribed a diet change, they can help support the shift by helping you:

  • Understand the diet in more detail
  • Choose food substitutes for things you commonly eat and enjoy
  • Develop meal plans and discover new recipes
  • Follow recommendations for any hormonal and vitamin/mineral supplementation
  • Stay motivated, and offer support when questions and challenges crop up

Book your complimentary 15-minute consultation to learn more!