Women Helping Women: Midwives for Haiti

This October, local midwife Lilly Martin will be traveling to Haiti with the organization Midwives for Haiti to help teach local Haitian women to provide prenatal care and skilled birth assistance to their fellow Haitian sisters, who too frequently die in childbirth without such care.

North American midwives help by lending their expertise to train the Haitian women on the ground – that means they can continue to provide care once the volunteering professionals have left. This training creates a true legacy gift!

Lily has set a goal of fundraising $1500 before she leaves which will pay the full tuition for one Haitian woman to learn these valuable, lifesaving skills.

Here is how StoneTree Clinic wants to help. On September 12th – our next Well Woman Visit day will be by donation ONLY.

What does that mean?  The regular $135 fee for our Well Woman visit, which includes a breast exam, gynecological exam and Pap smear is waived. You decide what you would like to contribute to Midwives for Haiti.

No donation is too small. Many of us know women who have been avoiding getting a Pap or a breast exam done for years for all kinds of reasons. This is an opportunity to visit an all-female environment, with warm sheets and hot tea to do something important for women’s health. At the same time, you’ll be supporting the health of less advantaged Haitian women.

Call the clinic at 705-444-5331 to book your appointment today – the more the merrier!!