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We’re dedicated to making women feel respected, comfortable and safe.

You can learn more about how our women’s health clinic service was created here:

When Do I Need a Well Woman Visit?

You can read the provincial guidelines for breast and cervical screenings here:

Ontario Cervical Screening Guidelines

Ontario Breast Screening Guidelines

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We believe that discomfort shouldn’t be a barrier to cancer prevention.

Naturopaths are trained and licensed to perform regular Pap smears, and pelvic and breast exams.

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How Hormone Rebalancing Works

How to Book: Well Woman Visits are held on specific days throughout the year, with the ND on rotation. To book a visit in our Collingwood naturopathic clinic, call (705) 444-5331.

Our unique Well Woman Visit offers a warm, caring environment for annual visits that includes:

  • A complete breast exam
  • Self breast exam education
  • Full gynecological exam with PAP test