At StoneTree, we believe that discomfort shouldn’t be a barrier to cancer prevention, and we’re dedicated to making women feel respected, comfortable and safe.

Naturopaths are trained and licensed to perform regular Pap smears, and pelvic and breast exams. Our unique Well Woman Visit offers a warm, caring environment for annual visits that includes:

  • A complete breast exam
  • Self breast exam education
  • Full gynecological exam with PAP test

How to Book:

  • Well Woman Visits are held on specific days throughout the year, with the ND on rotation. To book a visit in our Collingwood naturopathic clinic, call (705) 444-5331, or book here:

You can learn more about how this unique service was created here:

When Do I Need a Well Woman Visit?

You can read the provincial guidelines for breast and cervical screenings here:

Ontario Cervical Screening Guidelines

Ontario Breast Screening Guidelines

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