Mercury Amalgams: How Safe are Tooth Fillings?

We’ve known for years that dental amalgams deliver a daily dose of mercury to the body. In fact, mercury fillings are the single largest source of mercury exposure for the average Canadian. 1 The link between mercury from tooth fillings and actual health problems, though, has been the subject of much debate. Health Canada has… Continue reading →

An 11-Year-Old Shares His Food Wisdom

At the ripe old age of 11, Birke Baehr is planning a career as an organic farmer. In this TED talk, he gives us his thoughts on what’s wrong with our food system. This little dynamo made me smile for our future! If you can’t see the video, you’ll find it at: If you’d… Continue reading →

Is it REALLY old age?

This weekend my daughter Eve walked into the living room, stopped dead, looked around with a confused expression and said, “What I am doing in here?” A moment later she smacked her forehead and said, “Oh, now I remember,” and carried on with her day. Here’s what I find interesting: at the age of nine,… Continue reading →

Swine Flu and Vitamin C: 60 Minutes Documentary

A colleague sent me this story from 60 Minutes New Zealand.  It’s a 17-minute video about a family who used high dose vitamin C when their father was dying of swine flu. Interesting video, if you have a few minutes. Plus, when do you get hear a 60 Minutes-style documentary with a Kiwi accent? 🙂… Continue reading →

Ear Infections: Does Your Child Need Antibiotics?

A study published this month in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that antibiotics have little effect on childhood ear infections. You can read an overview on CNN. The gist is this: most kids will recover from their ear infection at the same rate with OR without antibiotics, simply by providing pain relief…. Continue reading →

Diabetic-Friendly: Steel Cut Oats and Chocolate Pudding

Lia’s diabetes talk in Clarksburg / Thornbury last night was a big success – thanks to everyone who came out. For those of you looking for the recipes for the delicious goodies she brought along, here you go! Steel Cut Oats – 6 servings (approx 40g complex carbohydrate / serving) 300g Steel cut oats 1L… Continue reading →

Is Your Health a Problem or a Constraint?

One of my favourite bloggers is Seth Godin. Recently, he wrote about the difference between a problem and a constraint. Here is his definition of the two: “A problem is solvable. A constraint must be lived with.” Seth is a business writer, but the insight can be applied just as readily to health. Many of… Continue reading →

Making Sense of Osteoporosis

Statistics tell us that 25% of people who break a hip will be dead within a year. It’s a scary stat, and it makes osteoporosis—a condition of bone degeneration and low bone mass—a big deal. It also leads many to turn to bisphosphonate meds like Didrocal, Fosamax and Actonel to keep their bones strong. In… Continue reading →

No More Fat Talk?

Last week was “Fat Talk Free Week” in the US, a a campaign to bring awareness to how common conversations can contribute to poor body image, low self-esteem, and eating disorders.. What a great idea! During the week, participants at 35 college campuses across the US tray to eliminate statements about weight, fat, clothes, and… Continue reading →

Healing Cancer from the Inside Out

We had our second StoneTree movie night here in Colingwood last Thursday. We watched the second half of the documentary, Healing Cancer from the Inside Out, which challenges many of our accepted beliefs about disease, healing and diet.  Definitely worth a watch for everyone. The evening was a great success, with 12 people showing up… Continue reading →