Two Foundational Supplements for Heart Health

#1: Vitamin K2

Vitamin K is one of those vitamins that most of us only know about from reading food labels. It’s actually found in two forms in your diet. Form K1 is found in green leafy veggies, and K2 is found in fermented foods.  

K2 is becoming more recognized as a valuable supplement.  

A large population study in Denmark showed– not surprisingly– that those who ate a diet high in K1 (or green leafy vegetables) had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. But the study also found that those who took the K2 form of the vitamin also had decreased risk of cardiovascular disease caused by atherosclerosis.  

How K2 Helps Your Heart  

K2 is involved in bone health and calcium metabolism, and it helps decrease arterial stiffness and atherosclerosis by decreasing plaque disposition in the arteries

Now, Vitamin K deficiency is uncommon. But it can happen in people taking antibiotics or medicines that impede K metabolism or who have conditions that impair food absorption.

Note: more is not better. The research did not find that taking MORE K2 decreased the risk further.  

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#2: Fish Oil

Whether or not to supplement with fish oil has been debated in the literature for years after it was conclusively demonstrated that a diet high in fatty fish is associated with decreased risk of heart disease. 

This current review article in The Lancet shows a positive response in risk reduction when taking fish oil. (Note that not all fish oil supplements are created equal – which might be the cause of some of the studies not lining up.)

How Fish Oil Helps Your Heart

Fish oils reduce oxidative stress and decrease inflammation. But they can easily become rancid if not produced or stored properly. They are easily oxidized and, as a result, can do more harm than good if you don’t pick the right ones and store them carefully. Make sure you take a high-quality fish oil supplement that is stored in the fridge!

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