Get Cultured! The Basics of Fermented Food

Fermentation dates back thousands of years, and it’s present in the diet of almost every culture on earth. From kimchi in Korea and sauerkraut in Germeny, to kefir in Bulgaria, fermented food is surprisingly omnipresent. Even familiar foods you might find in any “average” North American home like like cheese, yoghurt, pickles and wine are fermented.

Our ancestors used fermenting to preserve food and neturalize toxins, but the process also had an enormous positive impact on our health.

Our “gut flora” is made up of hundreds of different types of good bacteria. These little critters are responsible for helping our immune system stay strong, providing us with the important vitamin K, and helping with detoxification. Fermented foods are filled with probiotics (beneficial bacteria), in amounts many times greater then any supplement you could take.

Join Naturopath Doctor Shelby Worts at Currie’s Farm Market here in Collingwood on Wednesday, August 5th, at 7PM for a fermented food workshop. You’ll learn two basic fermented food recipes, and discover how these foods improve your digestion, immunity and bone density, and help create a flatter belly!