Day 5 Challenge Update

18349551_sHere we are into day five of our 28 Day Challenge! In our efforts to exercise, drink enough water and eliminate refined sugar every day, we’ve already had some successes…and mistakes. 🙂

Strategies for getting it right:

For those of you joining us, here are a few things we’ve done to stay on track.

  • Dr. Kendra is using a 2 L jar that she fills with water every morning, and makes sure it is done by the end of the day.
  • Dr. Tara is using 9 pebbles on her desk to keep track of her 9 cups.
  • The weather this weekend did not make for easy outdoor exercise. Dr. Shelby and Dr. Kendra both did indoor yoga.
  • Cravings for something sweet? A great weekend for a nice warm herbal tea with HONEY. Warm, yummy sweetness AND a source of water intake.

Where it went wrong: 

  • Forgetting about the sugar in sauces and dressings. Dr. Tara was at a party with ranch dressing dip…yep, there is sugar in it.

Join us in the challenge! You can start anytime – the rules are simple!