Why Fall Detoxification Matters

Spring and fall are nature’s time to cleanse and clean house.

In the winter we’re cooped up. We tend to be more sedentary, get less fresh air, and eat food that is both calorie-rich yet nutrition-poor. Spring cleansing is about moving the blood and lymph, and cleaning out the stored garbage in our livers from those months of staying inside and hibernating.

In the summer, we generally get more time outside, more fresh air and more fresh food. Our natural detoxification processes work better. So why, after a summer of better health, do we need to detox in the fall?

Fall cleansing is about strengthening your system to deal with the coming change in diet and lifestyle that winter brings. Pre-winter clean up helps to prevent the build up of toxins and promote a healthy gut and digestive tract. That in turn means a healthy immune system, making those colds and flus go away faster, or not come at all.

What is the best why to cleanse in the fall? You can start by eating some great fall food!

  • Cruciferious vegetables like brocolli, kale, brusselsprouts and cauliflower. Onions and garlic, and beets are all super foods that build the livers detoxification pathways. Spices like ginger, tumeric, cardamon, etc – all stimulate digestion and feed into the liver pathways, making these detox pathways efficient and effective.
  • Probitoics in the form of supplements or fermented foods – kefir, yogurt, kimchee, saurkraut, kombocha to name a few. Don’t like fermented food – probiotic supplements daily.

You can also engage in active detox treatments like colon hydrotherapy, which support the movement of bile, clean the liver, and promote healthy flora in the intestines.

Questions about fall detox? Wondering how to make yourself  stronger for the coming cold an flu season? Why not attend our free “Bulletproof” info night at the clinic on October 21? All the details are here–just call the clinic at 705-444-5331, or [email protected].