What 100 Years Old Can Look Like

We simply love this news clip about Dr. Ellsworth-Wareham. The 100-year-old retired heart surgeon still drives, mows the long and actually did surgery until he was 95!

What does he owe his longevity too?

According to the doctor, it’s eating plant-based diet, letting go of undo stress and making a contribution. What he didn’t mention but also does is exercise daily and maintain great relationships with others.

Can living a long and healthy life really be that simple? Dr. Ellsworth-Wareham is only one story, but research into other centenarians seems to point to the same things.

The problem, of course, is that as we age, many of these things fall by the wayside.  We eat lousy food on the run because we are too busy. We drink coffee or wine instead of water. We forgo exercise because we’re too tired from working at a job that we’re desperately trying to retire from. We spend too much time at the office, too little time with our loved ones and too much time in front of a TV.

It’s no wonder we fear aging—under those circumstances, our old age isn’t going to look like his.

So what do you do now to follow in his footsteps?

  1. Eat lots of plants. Build your meals around vegetables first.
  2. Continue to contribute for your whole life – work, volunteer, create.
  3. Take it easy. If you plan to contribute until you are 95, you don’t need to make all your money now. Take your time, take your holidays and breathe.
  4. Move your body everyday, outside. Everyone has 30 minutes and you can get your 10,000 steps.