The #1 Way to Support Your Immune System this Winter

What beautiful fall colours this year! 

As we watch the last of the leaves fall, I’m reminded that fall is the time to prepare our immune systems for the coming winter. This year, with COVID, RSV, and the usual increase in colds and flu, strengthening your immune system is more important than ever.

Prevention is Better than Treatment

First things first: not getting sick in the first place is the best game to play.

Not getting COVID at all—or handling it with a robust immune system—is easier than treating a difficult infection. It’s far better to not get a cold than it is to treat one with medications that can impact your liver, your brain, and your heart.

With rare exception, your body already knows how to build a strong immune system. It’s like having an incredibly skilled contractor—your job isn’t to build things; it’s to provide the tools and resources. That’s the number one way to support your immune system.

What does that mean? It means there are things YOU can do and things WE can do here at StoneTree that can make a difference.

1. What YOU Can Do

  • Spend time outside. Movement is directly connected to your immune system. Movement helps take in air, transport blood and lymph, and keep you mentally healthy. Yes, it’s not always easy. But exercise is the single best magic bullet we know of for health.
  • Eat real, whole foods. Ideally, foods you prepare at home if you can. The simplest nutrition hack in the world is to cookIf you can cook using ingredients, you will have a better diet than 80% of people. 
  • Be social. Yes, colds, flu, COVID, and RSV are infectious. But being trapped inside alone is an awful tax on your mind and body. Be smart. Mask and isolate as needed. But don’t expect isolation and loneliness to make you healthy.

2. What WE Can Do

  • Measure and track relevant lab results. It’s possible to assess your immune system. Things like your overall inflammation. Your heart health. Your vitamin D levels. A healthy body usually has a healthy immune response—we can help you find out where you’re at.
  • Provide herbs and supplements. We have a lot of tools in the toolbox! Herbs like echinacea, oregano, andrographis, and vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin A, and zinc work to boost the immune system and kick out colds and flu.
  • Administer IV support. Our seasonal IVs are a huge hit, and they’re here for you. Intravenous Vitamin C for viral infections or once a month as a preventative, as well as inhaled glutathione for coughs, are great tools!

To speak with your naturopath, book an IV treatment, order supplements, or find a doctor that fits you, book here!