Online Booking at StoneTree Clinic

After weeks of practice and preparation we are pleased to introduce you to our newest team member, Jane.

No, Jane isn’t a smiling new face at the front desk. Those great faces are still there. “Jane” is a software program that brings on-line booking to the patients of StoneTree Clinic. You can try it out here.

How Online Booking Works
Many of our patients have busy lives, and self-care is often the last thing they’re thinking about during their hectic daytime hours. It’s not until the evening, after all the chores are done, that we remember, “I need to book an appointment!”

Now, instead of waiting for a time when you can call during business hours, you can book your appointment on-line. You pick the time and date that works for you, and you can do it at any time of day.

For example:

  • Keep forgetting to book that visit with your naturopathic doctor? Do it from anywhere, anytime here.
  • Want an appointment for our next Well-Woman Visit day on May 16? You can book it here.
  • Need an IV Vitamin C because you’re coming down with something? Book it here.
  • Need to do a spring cleanse? Book your colon hydrotherapy here.

It’s wonderfully easy to use, and Jane works with your phone, your tablet or your desktop computer. Plus, Jane will send you reminders in the way that works best for you–email, text or a personal call from us.

As with any new team member there is a learning curve and training pains. Bear with us as we learn to use Jane in the best way to bring you better service and care. And, of course, you can still call us just like always at 705-444-5331. 🙂

Any feedback, please let us know!

You can meet Jane, and book your next appointment at StoneTree here.