“I’m satisfied…”

“Happiness is self-contentedness.”
– Aristotle

If you have spent any time hanging around the front desk at StoneTree, you may have heard our amazing admin staff saying, “I’m satisfied with…” or “That is satisfying.” 

The phrase is a thought exercise they have been practicing in order to decrease stress and increase happiness. If you ask them if it’s working, they would say yes–and the research would agree with them.  

In Western culture, we are inundated with messages of discontentment. Advertisers deliberately attempt to awaken wants and desires for what we don’t have. Ad copy and commercials show a “better” life and apparent happiness…but only with the newest phone, TV, car, or home

It might be good for business, but it’s lousy for humans.

It teaches us to equate happiness external things, reinforcing the “I’ll be happy when” philosophy that keeps us on a treadmill of always wanting more. More house, more pay, more job. New love, new jeans, new body. Whatever it is you currently don’t feel you have.  

The “I’m satisfied” exercise is about being content with what you have right now and appreciating what is, instead of what isn’t. It’s about practicing gratitude for the people, purpose, and health you do have.

What are you satisfied with?