Feed Your Mind

As naturopathic doctors, we love food. For us, food is medicine. It’s a tool to make your body stronger, more resilient. Food, it turns out, helps you feel better. 

Of course, that’s more true of some foods than others. Whole foods beat highly processed ones. Home cooking beats restaurants. Vegetables beat sugar.

In short, a big part of our philosophy is that if you feed your body well, it will give you back better health in return.

The same is true of your mind. The things you watch, hear, read, and dwell on are the food of the mind. And as with the food you eat, some mental foods are better than others. When it comes to mental health, books beat newspapers. A great movie beats the news. A positive quote beats a fearful tweet.

Feed your mind properly, and it will give you a happier, healthier mind in return. 

This is a big week for many. It’s back to school after a long absence. It’s a chance to pack healthy lunches for kids, and maybe revisit your own lunch. For many of us, back to school is a New Year of sorts. A new beginning that comes every September.

So while you’re working on feeding the body, why not give a little thought to how you feed your mind? 

What’s one ingredient in your mental diet that you’d be better off without?

(And if all else fails, this video of a baby wolf howling is guaranteed to cleanse your mental palette…)