Easy Choices…Hard Life?

Easy Choices, hard life. 
Hard choices easy life. 
-Jerzy Gregorek 

Jerzy Gregorek, four-time time World Weightlifting champion and author of The Happy Body, came to the United States from Poland in 1986 as political refugee. His words are worth considering.

The things that feel the easiest—things like sitting in front of the TV, hitting the snooze bottom, putting that new pair of shoes on the credit card, avoiding “the conversation”, eating the chocolate, having the second glass of wine—they are all easy choices on the road to a hard life. It’s a road that leads to chronic disease and disability, poor relationships, and money troubles. 

The things that feel the hardest–things like saving money, dragging yourself out of bed to go for that walk, eating the salad instead of the fries, having the tough conversation with your boss—they’re the more difficult choices, but they lead somewhere much better. When we engage in these things that feel so difficult in the moment, we create health, happiness, and connection for the future.  

What will your future self think about your choices?

Stay conscious, be brave and try to make a decision today—however small—that your future self will thank you for.