Does One Thing Matter?

Whatever we are not changing we are choosing.
–Laurie Buchanan

This is a powerful quote in a health care context. The evidence shows over and over again that the quality of our health is directly linked to our lifestyle choices.

  • What we put into our bodies. Consume junk food or whole food? Water or soda pop? Chemicals or organics?
  • What we do with our bodies. Exercise or watch TV? Get outside in the sun or stay in? Stretch or sit? Drive or walk?
  • What we think with our minds. Feel gratitude or envy? Hope or despair? Love or resentment?

But change is hard. Our habits can feel like they are static and unchangeable. Yet they aren’t–we CAN choose something different. We CAN change. It happens every day. It might be difficult but it is possible, and it starts with one decision to do something different, no matter how small. Just think:

  • You can decide today to stop smoking one cigarette.
  • You can decide today to go for a one-minute walk outside.
  • You can decide today to eat just one green thing.
  • You can decide today to talk to one friend. 
  • You can decide to think one positive thought, no matter how small. 

Yes, it’s just one thing. But one is so much more than none. One is a first step. One is a change. One is a choice. Maybe, hopefully, one of many. But it all starts with one.