“But My Doctor Says My Thyroid is Normal”

16171384_sEvery week people arrive at the clinic wondering if their thyroid is working properly.

Often, these patients have had a conventional thyroid test and have been told by their medical doctor that everything is fine. They arrive at our office unconvinced, however, because when they look up the list of symptoms of low thyroid function, they seem to have them all.

When we test further, we often find that the thyroid really isn’t working optimally. Why is that? Why does the story differ from your MD’s office to ours?

The discrepancy arises because of the difference in what is tested, and when.

  • Conventional medicine measures one thing: TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). Your medical doctor uses that number as a way of assessing how well the thyroid is doing it’s job. If that test is normal, your MD won’t test any further. You’ll be told your thyroid is not the problem. End of story.
  • Naturopathic doctors measure more initially. Like your MD, we test TSH, but we also look at T4 (the inactive form of thyroid hormone), T3 (the active form) and TPO (a thyroid antibody).

Why? Because some people can have normal TSH levels, but still have thyroid issues which are only revealed by looking at the other numbers. Those people get the “all clear” on the first test, and their MD doesn’t look any further.

Why the difference in testing? It’s a difference in philosophy. Your MD is really trying to determine if your thyroid is diseased. As ND’s, we want to know if it’s working optimally, and those are not the same thing.

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2 replies
  1. Jo-Anne Dewhurst
    Jo-Anne Dewhurst says:

    The very same thing happened to me. For years I suspected there was something wrong with my thyroid and it always tested ‘normal’. Eventually I saw a naturopathic doctor and found it it was NOT working very well. Also, thanks to Dr. Tara Gignac, all is well and she keeps regular checks on it for me. LOVE her.

  2. Anita Woods
    Anita Woods says:

    I also have had an under active thyroid problem & I believe the meds my Dr has me on isn’t helping me! I’m frustrated! I consulted with another professional about this & she agreed with me. She said the dosage wasn’t high enough to do anything & my thyroid has stayed the same! I went back to my Dr & he told me my thyroid is fine! I need to know. I have a few other medical issues as well & only want to do what’s more healthy for me & my body. I’ve been wanting to see a Homeopathic Dr for some time now to discuss my health issues but cannot afford the expense right now. Is there an alternative way to see you for a consult or any assistance for someone like myself? I don’t like getting prescribed all these drugs for every little thing,I hate them! Please help??? Would appreciate some feed back from you.


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