Dr. Tara, cold but happy in January!

Is This the Secret to a Happy Winter?

This little article made me think.

As someone who has often longed for the end of winter, I was intrigued. Could the secret to enjoying winter really be about mindset?

I now think the answer is yes. When you can change your mind, and decide that winter is something you get to do as opposed to something you endure, something changes.

And why not? In winter, after all, you get to:

  • Hang fairy lights in your house
  • Enjoy the beauty of snow on trees
  • Get rosy cheeks
  • Wear big sweaters 
  • Sit in front of a fire and read a book 
  • Go to bed early and not feel guilty about it

What do you get to do in winter that you don’t get to do in any other season? Focus on that, and enjoy!

P.S. Without winter, how would we get stories like this?