Conscious Eating for Thanksgiving

359273_sLast weekend I had to deliver an intense course to a large group of my peers. I had prepared for the event for several months, and I wanted it to be just right.

Part of that preparation was caring for myself properly during the week before. For those seven days I ate no sugar and drank no alcohol. I had regular, healthy meals, went to bed early, exercised every day and took my vitamins. As a result, when the day arrived I was full of energy, my brain worked great and I didn’t get the cold that every second patient was bringing into the office.

When the event was over, I drank a very delicious glass of pinot and ate a gorgeous dessert and, most important, I fully enjoyed every last bite. Did I get sick from it? No, I stayed well and have been all week.

Although many of us may disagree, food is not an enemy. Food can be a tool, a resource or a source of pleasure–all of which are valid. It’s being conscious of which choice you make, and how often, that matters.

In the week before my event, I used my diet as a tool to support optimum health and function of my body. Avoiding the sugar and booze allowed my immune system to function at its best, fighting off all of the bugs that came its way before my busy weekend.

In the day leading up to the event, I used food as a resource, fueling my brain and body for eight hours of speaking and being on my feet.

The night after my event, I used food as a pure, unadulterated source of pleasure and celebration. Experiencing food in this way resulted in a boost to my serotonin levels and a charge to my immune system.

As we head into a Thanksgiving weekend full of food, booze and fun, I encourage you to eat consciously and with intent.

My intent will be to ENJOY!