10,000 Patients!!

Once upon a time…

I rented a small room in a chiropractic office here in Collingwood to start what would become StoneTree Clinic.

At the time, I had a new baby, no team, and a grand total of zero patients. 

That was 21 years ago.

Last week, our team of 12 celebrated a milestone. Since that first cold day in January, we have helped more than 10,000 patients!

Those two numbers bring me so much joy. I love the team of people that I work with, and I love the work that we do. I feel like the luckiest woman alive. 

I had one good reason to rent that room all those years ago: I wanted to fulfill the dream I’d had since childhood of being a doctor who helps people. 

Now I have 10,000 more reasons to keep going. 

To my remarkable team of caring professionals. To the thousands and thousands of patients we’ve been so privileged to care for: Thank you.

Gratefully yours,

 – Dr. Tara