If you’re feeling the effects of modern life – weight gain, stress, mood swings or low energy, to name a few – we offer one-on-one lifestyle counselling services to help you change your body and your lifestyle in a healthy way.  That means no radical, short-term diets or unsustainable commitments.  Our approach to weight loss and and lifestyle is based on making lasting change.

Our Approach to Weight Loss

We start with a close, personalized look at you. We’ll do lab testing and other exams to look for food intolerances, check your hormone function, measure your body composition and a few other benchmarks so we can spot any problems that might be stopping you from finding your best body. If you feel like you’ve been struggling with your weight, despite trying your best, this is where we may find that missing “X Factor” that’s been holding you back. (And don’t worry – the lab tests are easy and comfortable!)

Once we have a clear idea of how your body works, we can start helping you make lasting change. We’ll help detoxify your body, support your metabolism so it works more efficiently, and explain to you in simple terms the real essence of long term, sustainable body change. It’s a friendly, straightforward and comfortable way to find your best body in a warm, caring environment.

If you’ve got questions, that’s great – we expect them. You can get them all answered for free by booking a complimentary “meet-the-doctor” visit. You’ll be able to ask questions, learn more about our Collingwood clinic and weight loss process, and find out if there’s a fit for you.

To book a free appointment to meet us and learn more, just call 705-444-5331.

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