Colon Hydrotherapy Comes to Collingwood

It’s finally here! We’re pleased to announce we’re now offering colon hydrotherapy treatments in our Collingwood naturopathic office. We’re now booking appointments for new and existing patients in our modern hydrotherapy suite.

Colon hydrotherapy (also called colonics, or colon irrigation) is a painless, safe and effective method of removing dried fecal matter and restoring the colon to optimal health and function. It’s one of many treatments used by licensed naturopaths to help:

  • restore and/or regulating bowel functions and routines
  • reduce the need for laxatives
  • reduce toxins built up in the colon
  • detoxify the liver and lymphatic system
  • prepare for medical procedures that require bowel preparation with laxatives
  • enhance the elimination of barium following barium studies

To learn more about how colon hydrotherapy works, visit our colonics page on our website, or call 705-444-5331 to book your appointment.