Reducing the Embarrassment Around PAP Tests

The charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust recently surveyed 2,017 British women:

A third said embarrassment caused them to delay getting a smear test, which can prevent 75% of cervical cancers.

The charity said cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35, yet almost two-thirds of those surveyed weren’t aware they’re most at risk.

We get it.

Getting a PAP smear is no fun. The majority of the team here at StoneTree have been on the receiving end of PAP that was cold, embarrassing, or otherwise uncomfortable.

That’s exactly why we developed the StoneTree Well-Women Visit days. You get a warm room, soft light, real sheets, warm socks, all in the care of a female ND.

Getting a PAP is important and we’ve written about it many times before. Don’t avoid it because you’re embarrassed. A few minutes, made as comfortable as possible, could save your life.

Now, with online booking, the process just got a little bit more comfortable again. Our next dates are Feb 28, Apr 11, and May 23. Book online before they fill up!

Words to Live By

Choose happy and embrace the weird.


It seems like we are always surrounded by bad news and tragedy. Stories of trouble and woe. Stories of people not getting along. Stories of people disrespecting other beliefs, religions, genders, races.

It’s incredibly easy to get sucked into this world of drama, negativity, and divisiveness. I like to think that this little sentence reminds us that getting sucked in is a choice.

We can choose to judge someone who is “different than us”… or we can “embrace the weird”.

We can choose to be offended by a comment made by a cranky teacher….or we can “choose happy” by maybe imagining that they are cranky because their child is sick, or they’ve suffered a loss.

We might not be able to control all that happens to us, but we can do our best to choose how we let it affect us and the view that we have of the world around us.

We have written about choosing happy before, but this little sentence made us think about it again. These are truly words to live by, and we thank the lovely person who shared them with us this week!

Welcome to Our New YouTube Channel

What do Naturopaths wish everyone knew? You can find out in the first videos on our new YouTube Channel.

In two minutes or less, these short videos will feature StoneTree Naturopathic Doctors offering up their wisdom on various health topics.

Our first two videos are live:

We are just getting started with videos to teach you how to understand and improve your health. Visit our channel to watch our latest videos, and subscribe to get updates when new ones are posted!

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