Do Food Sensitivities Cause Weight Gain?

Sometimes we have patients who are doing all the right things to improve their health and lose weight. They eat well, they exercise regularly, they sleep well…and yet they’re not getting the results they should. One place we’ll often look in these situations is food sensitivities.

Eating food you are sensitive to causes inflammation–it’s your body’s response to something it doesn’t tolerate well. Interestingly, this inflammation can cause weight gain through a few different mechanisms:

  • Exorphins. Some foods break down into opioid-like substances which can create food cravings, very similar to drug cravings. That can cause us to overeat even if we aren’t hungry just to get the feel-good hit.
  • Ghrelin, the hormone responsible for appetite stimulation, is released in response to inflammation. That makes us feel hungry even when we are not.
  • Inflammation causes water to enter our cells and this leads to fluid retention and bloat, making you feel heavier then you actually are. Many of our patients who eliminate the foods they are sensitive to, lose 5-10 lbs almost right away, largely due to the loss of this water from the cells. That’s just water loss, but it can go a long way toward feeling successful in your quest for better health.

Finding out what you’re intolerant to is easy. A simple blood test can measures your reaction to 96 different foods, and an elimination and re-introduction diet can help to determine what might be causing your imbalance.

Changing Your Program

Author T. Harv Eker uses an interesting analogy of a printer to explain your financial results in life:

“For example, let’s suppose you’ve just written a letter on your computer. You hit the print key and the letter comes out of your printer. You look at your hard copy, and lo and behold, you find a typo. So you take your trusty eraser and rub out the typo. Then you hit print again and out comes the same typo.

What’s going on here is that the real problem cannot be changed in the ‘printout,’ it can only be changed in the ‘program…’”

Health, it turns out, isn’t that different.

Your lifestyle—what you eat, how and how often you move, your work, your relationships, etc.—is like the program that’s running all the time. What that program “prints” is the health of your body.

When you “diet” to lose weight, or start an “exercise plan”, you’re making an effort to change the program. And that’s a good thing…except that diets and exercise plans have a nasty tendency to be temporary.

“Get your beach body ready!” is a temporary program. It ends when summer does.

And when the program ends? You go back to the old one.

And then you go back to the old printout, too. You gain back 15 pounds, or you get back the digestive troubles or the heart issues or the blood sugar challenges or the low energy. Old program, old results–every time.

Programs are Habits

What you have right now is the result of your current daily habits—both mental and physical. Those habits are your “program”.

Do you want long term health? You need to create new, long term habits. You need to make changes to how you eat, move and live that you can sustain forever. You need a new program that runs all the time.

Does that program need to be perfect? No. It can have a few bugs–plenty, actually. Trying to run a perfect program is no help in the long run either, because you’ll always crash. The goal is to gradually rewrite your program—to gradually and sustainably shift your habits, one by one—in a way that lets you keep running it forever.

Help Us Protect Your Health Care Rights

We need your help! Please take a few moments to read this. Taking action (see below) is extremely easy and takes just minutes.

Over the last several years the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has been working with our profession to have Naturopathic doctors fully regulated under the Regulated Healthcare Practitioners Act. That’s the same Act that regulates health care professionals ranging from MD’s and RN’s to dentists and optometrists.

It has been a long and bumpy road and we are getting close.  However, your ability to access lab testing through your naturopathic doctor is currently in jeopardy.

Why This Is So Important

One of the most important tenets of Naturopathic Medicine is informed consent. We believe that patients have the right to make their own educated health care choices. This legislation threatens that. Here’s why:

1. Your right to choose your provider is limited. Lab tests you currently have access to through your naturopathic doctor will be limited in the new regulations. Tests for things like hormone levels, environmental toxins, specialized genetic testing or cancer markers may be completely unavailable to you through your ND. You should get to choose who provides your care.

2. Your right to frequency and test choice is limited. Your family doctor, and OHIP, may not want to test in the same way, or with the same frequency as you do. You should have the right to measure your own health care indicators whenever you choose and however you choose.

As an independent health care consumer, you should have complete control over what you pay for, and how you consume fee-for-service health care.

How You Can Help, Quickly and Easily

You can make a difference by doing one of the following 3 steps:

1.  Sign this letter (Word or PDF) and email it to and cc

2.  Come into the clinic and sign the letter and Dr. Tara will take it with her when she meets with Jim Wilson MPP, on May 21st, 2015.

3.  Meet with your MPP Jim Wilson yourself and let him know how important being able to access Naturopathic Medicine is to you.  Educate him on how you use ND services and how by doing so you take a burden off the health care system. You can book an appointment with him by calling 705-446-1090, or emailing

Please tell all your family and friends who value the right to choose how they care for their health to do the same.

Let’s make sure you can continue to access the care you want, when you want, and how you want!

Links to Letter:

A New Seasonal Allergy Remedy

pascallerg-100-compresse-erbofarma-farmacia-omeopatiaLast year we showcased a little allergy remedy in the “Things We Love Section” of our newsletter. Lufeel is a very safe and very effective homeopathic remedy for seasonal allergies and hayfever that came in a tablet format and a nasal spray. This year, the maker of that remedy is no longer distributing in Canada, so we had a bit of a hole to fill.

Enter Pascallerg. We have given this new remedy to a few of you and are getting back some great reviews. As one patient said: “Excellent, it is better then the other stuff. It worked quickly, no yucky feeling and lasts 5 hours for sure”

Like Lufeel, Pascallerg is homeopathic and very safe to use in children, adults and pregnant women. It will not interact with medications or other allergy treatments, and does not have all the side-effects of regular antihistamines.

The remedy is available at our local health food stores and here at the clinic.

Bonus: If your seasonal allergies arrived later in life, or are worsening as you age, you might want to read this article, too…