Info Night: Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind & Soul

Headaches. Fatigue. Muscle and joint aches and pains. Chronic skin irritations and itchiness. Seasonal allergies. Bowel complaints.

These are all incredibly common complaints–we see them all the time in clinic. What’s less common, though, is the knowledge that many of them can be caused by a buildup of toxins in your body.

We have an astonishing ability to deal with the many toxins we are exposed to in our day to day life–and there are a lot of them. But that ability is not infinite and the toxins we are exposed to can stack up and overwhelm our processes. It’s a never-ending source of amazement to our patients that the strangest complaints can be related to something so seemingly unconnected.

Time after time, though, when we relieve the toxic burden from our bodies, acute and chronic problems go with them.

The Many Faces of Detoxification

There are many ways to “spring clean” from a health perspective. To learn more about them, and which ways might be right for you, join our resident nurse/colon hydrotherapist Lori Prest and nutritionist Barbara Lynn Andrews, on May 27th, at 7PM at StoneTree in Collingwood. You’ll learn about the importance of detoxification and cleansing, and how you can support her body through diet, supplementation and hydrotherapy in it’s ability to clean itself.

RSVP to the clinic at 705-444-5331, or feelbetter@stonetreeclinic.comSee you there!




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May 12-18th is National Naturopathic Medicine Week, and we’re celebrating by giving away 5 new patient visits!

If you’ve been wanting to try naturopathic medicine, but are unsure about the initial cost, this could be a great way to discover everything we have to offer at StoneTree.

How to Enter
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Yours in good health,

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Freedom from Itchy, Watery, Sneezy…

For many of our patients, seasonal allergies are such a predictable condition that they don’t even complain much—they just accept it as the price they pay for nice weather.

But do we have to put up with it? Can we “fix” seasonal allergies? In many cases, yes—especially for allergies that appear later in life, or worsen over time.

A Case of Mistaken Identity
Our immune system is meant to be intolerant to many things in our environment—it’s a protective mechanism that’s evolved over millions of years. A properly functioning immune system reacts to serious threats like viruses and bacteria, and that reaction keeps us healthy.

In some cases, though, the system learns the wrong thing, and begins to make bad decisions. Instead of ignoring harmless things like pollen or ragweed, it reacts to them too.

The result is what we call allergies—your body reacting adversely to something it should (or used to) tolerate.

A Gut Feeling
When a harmless substance like pollen turns into enemy number one, though, naturopathic doctors don’t just see an “allergy”, we see a sign that your immune system is out of balance.

A normally functioning immune system relies heavily on the beneficial bacteria that inhabit your gut. Simply put, those bacteria “package” a harmless substance like pollen to tell your immune system, “Don’t worry about this. It’s okay.”

It’s a system that works great until something interferes with the balance of these beneficial bacteria. That compromises our “packaging” ability, and we become more reactive to things we should be able to tolerate.

Happy Gut = Fewer Allergies
Things like antibiotic use, exposure to chemicals and environmental pollutants can compromise your bacteria. So can your diet—eating too much processed food, too many foods you are intolerant to, or not eating enough fermented food can also throw off the system.

When we work with people to avoid their food intolerances, detoxify their bodies, improve their diets and heal their gut flora, it is never shocking to us when they come back and report they have had the best allergy season ever!

What Giving Up Coffee Taught Me

I love coffee. I simply love it. If you were to ask my daughter which I love more, her or coffee, she’d actually have to take some time to think about it before answering.

Needless to say, my 30-day challenge to give up coffee was not an easy decision. And boy, was the outcome illuminating.

First off, I was unaware of how much I depended on that morning cuppa for my mental function and mood. In week one I couldn’t remember people’s names, and I kept forgetting what I was doing. I had to double- and triple-check everything.

I was tired and cranky and head-achy in the first week. But even after those symptoms faded, I was still just plain sad in weeks two and three.

The hardest part was that I knew the solution was easy. All I needed to do was go downstairs and give the nice lady $2 and that cup of black magic would take all my pain away. Thank goodness, I had told EVERYONE of my 30 day goal. If I hadn’t, I would have folded like a dirty shirt.

The strength of that drive to have a coffee was huge, I can’t imagine someone trying to break a serious narcotic addiction.

In the fourth week, though, things started to change. My mood stabilized, my energy was no longer in the toilet and many of the little symptoms that I had while drinking my daily java had gone–things like heartburn and headaches. It took almost the whole 30 days, but I had finally escaped the pull of coffee.

What’s Next?

So my 30 days are up. What am I doing now, you ask?

Drinking coffee of course! 🙂  But…in a totally different way. There are numerous health benefits to coffee, and I love the focus and attention I gain from a well-placed cup. But I don’t enjoy needing it to function.

So here is my new plan: No more waking up to coffee. I now start my day with 2 big glasses of water and 2 cups of refreshing herbal tea, instead of the 2 cups of coffee with milk I used to have.

The result? I’m hydrated and hungry in the morning. I eat my breakfast, go for my morning walk and then have my one and only cup of coffee on my drive into the office. No more heartburn, and mid-day headache because of dehydration, and my patients get the benefit of a focused and energized mind the whole day long.