The 80/20 Rule for Holidays

Many of our patients have done an amazing job at changing their habits over the year. They’ve given up gluten, given up sugar, passed over the cheese, and have been hitting the gym. They are taking their vitamins and coming for regular maintenance treatments.

After years of suffering with IBS, chronic fatigue, joint pain and many, many other conditions, their symptoms are going away, or have completely gone, and they are finally feeling better. They can sleep, they have energy, their mood is balanced, and elimination is working–HURRAY!

Then Christmas happens.

Sugar, chocolate, shortbread, cheese. Hours spent eating with no time for exercise. Sleep? Who needs sleep? An extra glass of wine, another cup of coffee, and just keep going. It is a season that puts fear into the newly balanced body–and it should.

Our new habits are so easily run of the rails by the age-old traditions of the holiday season. Traditions that are focused on Christmas baking, potato latkes and booze instead of healthy eating and exercise.

Our advice? Don’t sweat it! Think 80/20.

In reality, much of indulgences over the holiday season aren’t every day, every meal. They don’t take up every hour of every day. If you really look at it, it probably works out to about 80/20, meaning 80% normal life and 20% Christmas crazy.

Enjoy your holiday traditions and fully be conscious in them. The rest of the time, say no to the sugar, make a green smoothie and squeeze in 30 minutes outside in the fresh air. It really will make the holiday season less scary.

Are You Taking New Patients?

9639288_sThis is a question we get asked often by our patients. It’s a common occurrence for the StoneTree waiting room to be full, and the clinic to be hustling and bustling with patient visits and treatments of all kinds.

When people see this, they often think that, like their family medical doctors, our practices are “closed”, with new patients being taken on very slowly and carefully. In fact, closed practices are very rare in naturopathic offices, for one simple reason: our patients get better!

Naturopathic medicine focuses on treating the individual and getting to the root of the problem, as opposed to only treating the symptoms. Chronic health issues are almost always about an imbalance in the body–getting to the root of the imbalance and helping the patient resolve it often helps fix the problem for good. Patients who get better don’t need to be seen as often so they make room for new ones to join the clinic.

Know someone with a chronic health complaint who might benefit?  Offer them a 15-minute complimentary meet the doctor visit. We love to help!