New Statin Drug Guidelines

12354003_sLast week the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology released new guidelines with respect to the use of statin drugs (cholesterol lowering drugs) for the management of heart and stroke risk.

The new drug, according to this New York Times article, divides people needing treatment into two broad risk categories.

If you are at high risk–you have diabetes, have already had a heart attack, or have LDL cholesterol levels of 190 or more–you simply  take the drug. The amount by which it lowers your cholesterol is irrelevant. You just need to keep taking it.

If you aren’t in the first risk group, you are to determine your 10-year risk. The risk assessor takes into account your gender, age, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and smoking. If you score greater than 7.5%, you will be recommended to take the drug regardless of your cholesterol levels.

A Better Guideline

Statin research has come under a lot of scrutiny in recent years. The argument in favour of statins is that they reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

In fact, there’s far better evidence to support that the following will decrease your risk of heart and stroke: Quit smoking, lose weight, exercise daily, get on an anti-inflammatory diet (by avoiding your food intolerances), manage your stress and support your adrenal glands.

The side effect of the drug? Muscle pain and liver damage (to name a few). The side effect of actually changing your risk factors? Better energy, better sleep, normal weight, better mood and self-confidence, balanced hormones and healthier body.

Taking a drug to manage risk might feel easier, but it sure isn’t better. Ask for help and make the changes to your life. You can do it!

What’s Happening to My Skin?

9796653_sShort days. Low light. Dry air. Pale skin. Less time outside.

Welcome to the time of year when we start to lose our healthy summer glow, and our skin seems to lose some of its magic, too.

Winter is hard on the skin. But it’s not just the weather–as you age, circulation to your skin decreases, and the resulting reduction of oxygen and nutrients hampers your body’s ability to flush out toxins & excess fluid (puffiness). This is what drives premature aging and causes the skin to develop a dull, ashen appearance.

Dr. Kendra has added a new tool called mesotherapy to her anti-aging services. It’s an effective, non-invasive treatment for facial rejuvenation, that ‘wakes up’ the body’s own healing response and stimulates microcirculation. It consists of tiny injections of small doses of medicines or homeopathic remedies into the mesoderm layer of the skin to nourish, rejuvenate, and promote the production of collagen and elastin.

It’s very effective for dull, aging skin, sun damaged skin, fine lines & wrinkles, acne scars and even alopecia (hair loss). After treatment, patients commonly describe their skin as looking glowing, rested, and firmer.

Mesotherapy can be used in addition to, or as an alternative, to many anti-aging regimens, including conventional treatments like botox, laser resurfacing, peels, topical creams and facelifts.

To learn more about how to look and feel younger in a safe, effective way, call the clinic at 705-444-5331 to book your 15-min complimentary consult with Dr.Kendra. You can also email, or book online!

28-Day Challenge Update

18349551_sWe’re mid-way into the second week of our 28-Day Challenge. Here are a few ups and downs over the past ten days or so.

On the sugar front: 

  • Kendra and Tara were both at parties, both drinking, and both putting sugar into our mouths. Oops! Man, does a glass or two of vino cloud the mind and shake the resolve.

On the exercise front:

  • With the time change, evening time walks are forcing our better-halves to get involved. A side benefit to the challenge: it’s getting our loved one more active (not sure our loved ones think it’s a benefit).

On the water front: 

  • Getting enough fluids is most challenging for Tara. As the most committed coffee drinker, she often starts her day off in the hole with respect to water intake. A 12oz glass right out of bed and drinking her breakfast, in the form of a green smoothie really helps.