10 Ways To Support a Healthy Heart

1.  Decrease saturated fat from non-natural sources. Choose organic, local, pastured sources of meat and dairy, and organic fruits and vegetables.

2.  Emphasize dark green leafy and other colourful vegetables. Ideally raw or lightly steamed.

3.  Maintain a healthy body composition. Measure and track your percentage body fat and lean mass.

4.  Maintain a healthy waist to hip ratio. You should look like a pear, not an apple.

5.  Maintain a healthy blood pressure. Normal is 120/80.

6.  Exercise at least 5 times per week.  Ideally once per day – just a simple walk can make a difference.

7.  Engage in something you LOVE to do at least once per week.

8.  Use virgin olive oil and flaxseed oil on your foods.

9.  Have a blood test done. Monitor your levels of Homocysteine, C-reactive protein and cholesterol.

10.  Personalize your health care.  Every heart is different. Discuss other diagnostic tools and health recommendations with your ND.

Your naturopathic doctor can help with all of these. For bloodwork, lab tests, blood pressure and body composition testing, and other personalized medicine needs, contact the Collingwood clinic at 705-444-5331.




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