Type II Diabetes: Disease or Lifestyle Choice?

I was at a lecture recently where the presenter stated, in very clear terms, the following:

Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle choice.

For many, that’s a statement that may be hard to hear. We’ve been trained to believe that Type II diabetes is “in our genes”. That we’ve either won or lost a genetic lottery.

It’s not true.

Study after study shows the link between lifestyle choices and development of diabetes. Like the link between the drinking of sugary drinks and diabetes, for example.

Do genes play a role? Certainly. They predispose us. They increase likelihood. But the problem is not our genes. The problem is our choices. If you are genetically tall and keep banging your head on a door frame, at some point you have to make a decision to duck.

The good news is that choices are just that. They’re decisions that we have the power to make.

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  1. Vicki
    Vicki says:

    Dear Sir or Madam
    I am a diabetes 2 and I eat real healthy. I have cooked all of my life for heart problem people. I do not like sweets and never have and I eat all healthy food. Do not fry my food so you can say that it is the why people eat. I eat healthy but thy can not get me to where my numbers are to be. It is caused by me not being more active. So teach people how to prepar there food but let them know that the have to exercise and take good care of them self this diease will not kll you if you take care and do not baby your self. I will get mine under control but . Like some people I just have to work a little harder. Thank you

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