Is Laughter The Best Medicine?

The CBC reported this week on a study in which they found women undergoing in vitro fertilization were more likely to have a successful pregnancy if they had an opportunity to have a good laugh right after implantation. You can find details here.

IVF isn’t the only way that laughter can help. It’s also been shown to increase immune function, decrease stress hormones and even decrease pain.

So, in the interest of good health, here’s a video to help get some laughter in your weekend.  Enjoy! (If you can’t view it, you can find it here: )

Mercury Amalgams: How Safe are Tooth Fillings?

We’ve known for years that dental amalgams deliver a daily dose of mercury to the body. In fact, mercury fillings are the single largest source of mercury exposure for the average Canadian. 1

The link between mercury from tooth fillings and actual health problems, though, has been the subject of much debate.

Health Canada has long recommended that dentists not use mercury amalgams in groups such as children, pregnant woman and people with kidney disorders, but the US has been slow to follow. Both Canada and the US still classify amalgams as medical devices not substances, which means they’re subject to less scrutiny.

In 2009, the FDA ruled mercury wasn’t harmful, but last month an FDA advisory panel urged them to reconsider. It would appear that the tide is slowly turning.

What About Your Fillings?

Having mercury amalgams doesn’t mean you have a health problem, but if you’re concerned about your fillings, we recommend a three step process:

  1. Test for elevated levels of mercury in the body
  2. Help remove the mercury through IV chelation, supplementation, and inhalation treatments
  3. Referral to a specialist for safe amalgam removal and replacement

To learn more about testing for mercury and other toxins, contact the office at 705-444-5331 to book a complimentary appointment.