No More Fat Talk?

Last week was “Fat Talk Free Week” in the US, a a campaign to bring awareness to how common conversations can contribute to poor body image, low self-esteem, and eating disorders.. What a great idea! During the week, participants at 35 college campuses across the US tray to eliminate statements about weight, fat, clothes, and other negative self-image topics.

There’s good reason for the campaign. Statistics show that body dissatisfaction leads to eating fewer fruits and vegetables, and even doing less exercise – it seems we really are what we believe. Focusing on your weight and how much you hate yourself for it will never get a carrot in your month (or at least not one that isn’t followed by a bag of cookies). Focusing on health, and your right to be healthy and vibrant, is the only way help facilitate healthy lifestyle choices.

If you need a more compelling reason to not trash talk yourself, read the book, Like Mother, Like Daughter by Debra Waterhouse.  It’s an eye opener and will very much change how you talk about yourself, your weight and your choices. And check out the video below (or click here to view).


Healing Cancer from the Inside Out

We had our second StoneTree movie night here in Colingwood last Thursday. We watched the second half of the documentary, Healing Cancer from the Inside Out, which challenges many of our accepted beliefs about disease, healing and diet.  Definitely worth a watch for everyone.

The evening was a great success, with 12 people showing up for green tea, organic popcorn and an excellent discussion after the film.

See below for a clip from the film. You can order the DVD at