This Year, Eat Together

I am blessed with many friends both old and new, who love food. We have sat around countless tables together cooking, eating, drinking and laughing.

Every Monday night the lot of us get together for dinner. It can be as few as two families and as many as six. We take turns cooking for each other or we do potluck. Occasionally we even order in.

The point is not the food – although it is always outstanding in this great group of health-conscious foodies. Equally, the point isn’t about making it a big deal, in fact, we are often all finished and back to our respective homes by 8:30PM.

The point is to connect with each other. To share a few laughs. To start off our week knowing we have more in our lives then our work or our stressors. It helps us to remember we are not alone–we’re part of a group and a community.

Eating together is one Europe’s great secrets of health and wellness. Eating together usually results in eating better food, eating it more slowly, which usually means eating less of it.

Eating together creates laughter, which we know improves health and wellness on so many levels.

President’s Choice mission for 2017–Canada’s 150th birthday–is to get Canadians to eat together. This is a goal we can get behind.

Check out their awesome video:

Share it with your friends and make a plan to get together regularly this year.

Eat well, laughs lots and connect often!

Eating You Alive Film

The 2016-17 Be the Change film series kicks off on October 19th with the new documentary “Eating you Alive”.

We love the film series as a rule, but we’re hosting this particular film because we know from training, from clinical experience with thousands of patients, and from our own lives, that what you eat is directly tied to your health.

This is one of the core philosophies of naturopathic medicine, but the evidence in the scientific literature is building to the point that it just can’t be ignored by anyone in health care any longer. Food is medicine. You can use that medicine to your benefit, or to your detriment. The choice is yours, and this is one of those films that makes the right choice abundantly clear, and easier to make.

There are showings at 5PM and 7:30PM on Wednesday, October 19th. Come out and join us to learn more about how your diet can change your health and your life!

:: Info and Tickets

Eating You Alive Trailer

Miracle Health Treatment

Like most health care professionals, Naturopathic Doctors aren’t allowed to make health claims. We’re not supposed to tell you we can help with your digestion, your immune system, your energy levels, your hormones, or anything else.

Some rules are just begging to be broken, though.

What if I told you about a treatment tool that could:

  • Reduce depression, stress and anxiety
  • Help improve job performance and sexual function
  • Help prevent cancer, heart disease, dementia
  • Decrease bone fractures, arthritis
  • Reduce youth smoking, pregnancy and drug use while improving test scores and the odds of going to college
  • Improve sleep, concentration and form new brain cells
  • Boost your mood, your self-esteem and your immune system

And, if that’s not enough for you, it’s also the number one treatment for fatigue, and reduces your risk of DEATH.

That is one heck of a health claim. And that’s just scratching the surface.

What is the miracle treatment that does all this?

Exercise. And not even hard exercise. You can get astonishing benefits from just walking around.

The truth is exercise makes everything better.When we exercise, our blood flows to all regions of our body. This blood brings oxygen, nutrients and then takes away the waste we make when we use them. It lubricates our joints, stimulates healing responses and release endorphins, our natural pain-killing and feel good chemicals.

We’re not allowed to make health care claims. But the challenge should no longer be to prove where exercise helps.

It should be to prove where it doesn’t.

At this point, it’s looking like a short list.

Need more convincing? Try this video:

Stop It!

This hilarious video was posted by someone in my Facebook community with the comment, “If only it were that simple.”

It’s a lighthearted poke at the challenge of helping ourselves, but there is some truth in it. Much of what I do in a day is helping people to understand that they must, “Stop it.” Stop eating a food that is not good for them. Stop sitting on the couch and not moving. Stop smoking. Stop thinking thoughts that are harmful and make them unhappy.

There are all kinds of reasons for why we do the things that we do, but sometimes we really do need to just…stop. Not always easy. But almost always true.  -Tara

23 1/2 Hours: The Best Thing for Your Health

It’s the time of year where many of us have resolved to make changes in our lives. If your resolution is health related–to eat better, lose weight, stop smoking, de-stress, exercise more, (or all of the above), Dr. Mike Evans MD, makes a compelling case for one of these changes in this 7 min video .  Enjoy!

The Connection Between Toxins and Chronic Disease

In this American Health Journal special report, Dr. Walter Crinnion explains the buildup and impact of environmental toxins in the body, including the connection to Parkinson’s disease and the use of IV therapy as a treatment tool, as well as links to conditions like arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, allergies and asthma.

You can hear Dr. Crinnion speak live in Collingwood on May 13 at 7PM. Tickets and details here. All proceeds go to support the local Environment Network. 🙂

Is Laughter The Best Medicine?

The CBC reported this week on a study in which they found women undergoing in vitro fertilization were more likely to have a successful pregnancy if they had an opportunity to have a good laugh right after implantation. You can find details here.

IVF isn’t the only way that laughter can help. It’s also been shown to increase immune function, decrease stress hormones and even decrease pain.

So, in the interest of good health, here’s a video to help get some laughter in your weekend.  Enjoy! (If you can’t view it, you can find it here: )

An 11-Year-Old Shares His Food Wisdom

At the ripe old age of 11, Birke Baehr is planning a career as an organic farmer. In this TED talk, he gives us his thoughts on what’s wrong with our food system. This little dynamo made me smile for our future!

If you can’t see the video, you’ll find it at:

If you’d like to find and support local food, visit:

Happy healthy eating! – Tara

Swine Flu and Vitamin C: 60 Minutes Documentary

A colleague sent me this story from 60 Minutes New Zealand.  It’s a 17-minute video about a family who used high dose vitamin C when their father was dying of swine flu. Interesting video, if you have a few minutes. Plus, when do you get hear a 60 Minutes-style documentary with a Kiwi accent? 🙂



Living Proof: Vitamin C – Miracle Cure?

No More Fat Talk?

Last week was “Fat Talk Free Week” in the US, a a campaign to bring awareness to how common conversations can contribute to poor body image, low self-esteem, and eating disorders.. What a great idea! During the week, participants at 35 college campuses across the US tray to eliminate statements about weight, fat, clothes, and other negative self-image topics.

There’s good reason for the campaign. Statistics show that body dissatisfaction leads to eating fewer fruits and vegetables, and even doing less exercise – it seems we really are what we believe. Focusing on your weight and how much you hate yourself for it will never get a carrot in your month (or at least not one that isn’t followed by a bag of cookies). Focusing on health, and your right to be healthy and vibrant, is the only way help facilitate healthy lifestyle choices.

If you need a more compelling reason to not trash talk yourself, read the book, Like Mother, Like Daughter by Debra Waterhouse.  It’s an eye opener and will very much change how you talk about yourself, your weight and your choices. And check out the video below (or click here to view).