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My Experience with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

I wrote about my experience with peri-menopausal symptoms in this tongue-in-cheek article that focused on the lifestyle changes that can very much help with peri- and post-menopausal symptoms. But what about when the important lifestyle changes aren’t helping, and the symptoms are really getting in the way of your life? I’m not much of a complainer and I […]

365 Days of Meditation

Over the years, many of you have read posts about my “New Years Resolutions”. It’s not uncommon for me to pick a habit that I want to solidify in my life, and then commit to a year of daily practice to incorporate it into my day to day activity. I’ve done it with exercise, eating fruits and […]

This Year, Eat Together

I am blessed with many friends both old and new, who love food. We have sat around countless tables together cooking, eating, drinking and laughing. Every Monday night the lot of us get together for dinner. It can be as few as two families and as many as six. We take turns cooking for each […]

It’s Official: Complaining is Bad For You

Sometimes there is nothing better then sitting down with a bunch of girlfriends and having a good vent. Your husband keeps leaving the toilet seat up. Your kids are driving you crazy. Your boss makes your life a misery. Endless housework and shopping and driving the kids everywhere. You feel tired, look haggard and you haven’t […]

Maximizing Your Extended Benefits

Most of our patients have chronic health problems that they’ve been suffering with for years–a long and slow process of symptoms showing up, then getting more frequent or becoming more intense. At some point, their MD has done all the tests and the story usually arrives at one of these endings: “There is nothing that […]

Tonight’s Be The Change Film: Minimalism

Minimalism: A Documentary about Important Things – Tickets here. Some of the happiest times in my life have been while living out of a backpack, carrying my house, my kitchen, my bedroom and few good books from place to place. Those were times of travel as a young woman, before the responsibilities that I have […]

It’s Never Too Late

One of my favourite quotes by Dr. Wayne Dyer is, “Don’t die with your music still in you.” The first time I heard it, it stopped me dead in my tracks. I was in my 20’s at the time and the entire world was before me. The thought of dying at all never occurred to […]

The Hidden Creep of Inflammatory Foods

As Naturopathic Doctors, we deal with a lot of chronic issues. You know–the stuff that’s been hanging around for years, such as: Joint pain and muscle aches, Skin problems – like acne, eczema or other inflammations. Fatigue IBS Heartburn and other tummy troubles Headaches Mood problems Post nasal drip The list goes on. They’re the […]

Alcohol and Cancer

I hate to be a bummer, especially during the hottest summer in a while, but…it seems that alcohol might cause cancer. A paper published this month in the journal Addiction aimed to qualify the strength of the evidence that alcohol is causative in cancer. A review of recent research showed evidence that: Alcohol was causative in […]