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Unscreening: How Screens Affect Child Sleep

Like almost every mom, I’ve had the frustrating experience of trying to do a task or have a conversation with a “busy” toddler by my side. When my daughter was little, tablets and phones weren’t quite so readily available to distract her when I needed to get things done, but I can’t help but think that if they were, I […]

Men: Understanding and Measuring Your Testosterone

Testosterone is predominately a male hormone. Although women have it in small amounts as well, this post is all about our boys. (Although our female patients may have to drag their guys in for testing. :)) Gentlemen, testosterone is the “fountain of youth” hormone. It’s part of what makes a guy feel like a “guy”. It […]

Why 2016 Was Great

As 2016 came to a close, the overwhelming common message of inboxes, social feeds, newscasts, and late-night talk shows seemed to be, “Thank goodness this crazy, awful, negative year is over.” So many montages of the disasters, hardships and losses we sustained were played over and over again. But Canadians are not as easily ruffled as that! […]

Eating You Alive Film

The 2016-17 Be the Change film series kicks off on October 19th with the new documentary “Eating you Alive”. We love the film series as a rule, but we’re hosting this particular film because we know from training, from clinical experience with thousands of patients, and from our own lives, that what you eat is […]

The Benefits of Gratitude

Here at StoneTree, we have the absolute privilege of being in many people’s lives. We get to hear about all the problems, symptoms, stress and loss that our patients navigate through, as well as all the successes, happiness, and positive change. At this time of year, when we are all feeling the joy of another […]

Recipes from Our Grand Opening

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Grand Opening this week! Here are all the recipes you may have enjoyed while wandering about our new home. 🙂  – The StoneTree Team Roasted Red Pepper Walnut Dip Sourced from ‘My New Roots’ by Sarah Britton Ingredients: 3 large red bel peppers (about 1 1/2 Ibs/700g) […]

But What Should I Eat?

This is something our patients lament all the time. Should I be gluten-free, sugar-free, salt-free? Paleo, no GMO? Low-carb or low-fat?  What about organic vs non-organic? Shouldn’t we just eat local? What about the new superfood from Peru that cures everything from rickets to cancer? Nutrition can be a crazy and confusing world. We hear […]

2 Simple Rules for Healthy Eating

Over the years I’ve had hundreds of people come to me completely confused about what to eat. Should I go low fat or low carb? How many calories should I eat? Should I be vegan or paleo? Is butter good for you, or is margarine better? Does organic matter? What is GMO? It’s a scary […]

Chelation for Reducing Heart Attack Risk

For years, naturopathic doctors have touted the benefits of chelation for a wide range of conditions including coronary artery disease, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and neurological disorders like Parkinson’s. Most of those years have been an uphill battle, with the treatment, which has been in use for decades, being marginalized and […]

What We’re Eating for Lunch

A sampling of the naturopathic lunch fare floating around the staff room this week. 🙂 -Tara Kendra Vegetarian Curry Stir-Fry: PC’s Tikka Marsala sauce and all kinds of vegetables and chick-peas. Served with a quinoa and wild rice combo that can be bought at Costco. (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan) Tara Turkey chili:  1 lb ground turkey […]