What Giving Up Coffee Taught Me

I love coffee. I simply love it. If you were to ask my daughter which I love more, her or coffee, she’d actually have to take some time to think about it before answering.

Needless to say, my 30-day challenge to give up coffee was not an easy decision. And boy, was the outcome illuminating.

First off, I was unaware of how much I depended on that morning cuppa for my mental function and mood. In week one I couldn’t remember people’s names, and I kept forgetting what I was doing. I had to double- and triple-check everything.

I was tired and cranky and head-achy in the first week. But even after those symptoms faded, I was still just plain sad in weeks two and three.

The hardest part was that I knew the solution was easy. All I needed to do was go downstairs and give the nice lady $2 and that cup of black magic would take all my pain away. Thank goodness, I had told EVERYONE of my 30 day goal. If I hadn’t, I would have folded like a dirty shirt.

The strength of that drive to have a coffee was huge, I can’t imagine someone trying to break a serious narcotic addiction.

In the fourth week, though, things started to change. My mood stabilized, my energy was no longer in the toilet and many of the little symptoms that I had while drinking my daily java had gone–things like heartburn and headaches. It took almost the whole 30 days, but I had finally escaped the pull of coffee.

What’s Next?

So my 30 days are up. What am I doing now, you ask?

Drinking coffee of course! 🙂  But…in a totally different way. There are numerous health benefits to coffee, and I love the focus and attention I gain from a well-placed cup. But I don’t enjoy needing it to function.

So here is my new plan: No more waking up to coffee. I now start my day with 2 big glasses of water and 2 cups of refreshing herbal tea, instead of the 2 cups of coffee with milk I used to have.

The result? I’m hydrated and hungry in the morning. I eat my breakfast, go for my morning walk and then have my one and only cup of coffee on my drive into the office. No more heartburn, and mid-day headache because of dehydration, and my patients get the benefit of a focused and energized mind the whole day long.


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3 replies
  1. Judith Pipher
    Judith Pipher says:

    Congratulations, a goal for all of us. Thank you for your honesty and the fact that some where in the day you will enjoy a cup of Java.

  2. Kata Demeter
    Kata Demeter says:

    I love my morning coffee. You might want to check out the coffee from Life Extensions called Rich Rewards! Breakfast Blend! Has more health benefits than regular coffee. Enjoy! Kata

  3. Barbara Sharland Andrews
    Barbara Sharland Andrews says:

    Way to go Tara–your will power was admirable–I always ask my clients to switch their coffees to mid morning–but I had no idea it might be so difficult:))

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